Dogma Golden Smalls: 8ths and Half Ounces

Our Dogma Golden Smalls are premium hand trimmed smalls. They come in 8ths & half ounces. They are the perfect quality for the everyday smoker. At Dogma, we live by a few cannabis rules. It shows in our selection!

Dogma Pre-Rolls

Dogma Pre-Rolls are hand rolled to ensure a smooth smoke all the way through. We use our flower to differentiate ourselves from those that use trim or shake. We always want to be a step above the rest when it comes to quality.

Dogma King Kief

Dogma King Kief is our newest addition to the Dogma family of products. Our patent pending product delivers innovation and a punch. King Kief is our answer to those that are looking for a product that can both deliver solid flower with a punch. King Kief is an 8th of flower with a gram of kief that fits into the package lid. Bring it to a show or throw it in your back pack, either way you will be ready for a good time. **Patent Pending for lid package**

Dogma Diamond Infused Pre-Roll

Dogma Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls have arrived! This smooth but potent mix can both help you chill and give you a chill with all of that ice packed into the pre-roll. This product is for the consumer that is looking for a nice tasting infusion that isn't going to break the bank.