About Dogma Cannabis

Cannabis With A PURPOSE

Dogma Cannabis was established and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with our manufacturing taking place in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Dogma Cannabis is a brand within the Van Doran Brands portfolio of brands and products created with premium California grown cannabis. The brand’s mission seeks to change the way current cannabis consumers use cannabis by introducing outside of the box products for the consumer that is active, on the move and likes to give back to a cause.



Sir Barkington fought in the Great Drug Wars of the 1890s. He served as a General of the 1st Brigade that fought for cannabis rights and lead the Dogma Army to many victories. A very loyal Dog, Sir Barkington stayed true to his beliefs that cannabis should be treated with respect and like other substances such as alcohol. He is also the creator of Dogma's number one product, Golden Smalls.

Award: Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Cannabis

Creator of Golden Smalls

Favorite Strain: Mac Dawg



General Doggokov was head of the artillery of the Dogma Army. Later he was present in the campaign in Herbski, and was wounded at the Battle of Olszynka Green Growska, on February 25, 1831. He also made a name for himself at the Battle of Bluntlandski and at the taking of Sinsimilla. After his military career, General Doggokov was always seen with his signature Dogma Bones, to which he was famous for always having a smoke with war buddies and telling courageous tales of his time in the Dogma Army.

Awards: Order of Potsky and Order of Bongalia

Creator of Dogma Bones

Favorite Strain: Durban Poison



King Kief is one of the greatest Kings to rule. King Kief is highly regarded for his leadership style and always taking care of his Kingdom. King Kief made a name for himself while holding down the court but also for his habit of creating innovative products for his people. One of his greatest inventions was named after him. The King Kief product has excited many across his Kingdom due to its versatility and the Kief that comes with the 8th of flower. Always one to fight for cannabis rights, King Kief is certainly Royalty of all Green Royalty.

Awards: Companion of Honor: significant contributions to cannabis science

Creator of King Kief

Favorite Strain: Black Triangle OG